Reporting JS Unit Tests

The other day I've had a discussion with some dear fellow testers on how it would be possible to report unit tests in a pretty way. After having a closer look into our dev teams karma.conf.js file in our codebase, I stumbled over the karma-jasmine-html-reporter and the karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter plugins. Nice I thought, but how could we get the first one into a pretty html file? Well, just add the karma-htmlfile-reporter to your devDependency by simply doing npm install karma-htmlfile-reporter --save-dev. This will then add it automatically to your package.json.

There you go, have fun with the pretty report.

(What’s –save-dev? That’s an option that updates the installed packages in the ‘devDependencies’ section of the package.json file. It signifies that a developer will need this package to work with the application, but it’s not required to run the application i.e. in production.)

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